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    ReAwaken Cream:-The larger the grains, the more abrasive the scrub will be. Avoid scrubs with walnut shells if you have sensitive skin. In the morning, rinsing with warm water before applying moisturizer and sunscreen should suffice, while at night, after a full day of exposure and damage, more dedicated care is recommended.

    ReAwaken Anti – Aging:-As such, before bed, you should wash your face with a cleanser to remove dirt and makeup then use toner, exfoliant and serums if you so choose. The multi-ply textured pads physically resurface dead skin cells on skin’s surface to reveal the youthful-looking skin underneath. Smooth a pad over your face after using your facial cleanser, then let your skin dry before following it up with facial moisturizer.

    ReAwaken Anti - Aging Cream:-Colloidal sulfur, niacinamide to calm redness and irritation by decreasing inflammation, and improve acne with its antimicrobial effects. Vitamin C to help brighten dull skin and decrease dark spots with continued use. Vitamin E and C to fight daily exposure to free radicals that can age your skin. Rose water and green tea to calm irritation and reduce redness with an anti-inflammatory effect.

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