Halal Food Guide in all Three Main Regions of Vietnam

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    In the past few years, Vietnam has witnessed a significant number of Islamic visits from neighboring countries such as Malaysia, India and Singapore. As a result, there is a surge of Islamic-inclined services including food and beverages, as well as and shopping experiences to accommodate their needs. Today, Top Vietnam Travel sorted out an intricate Vietnam food guide about top Halal restaurants across its three regions.

    Northern Vietnam – Hanoi


    Opening our Halal archive today is D’Lions Restaurant, one of the best Halal restaurants which impress its Islamic eaters with a cozy atmosphere as well as a fantastic view of the iconic Hanoi Train Station. Choosing to dine here, you will feel like making a great escape from the hectic daily vibe of Hanoi and owning a tranquil ambiance with your beloved ones.

    Singaporean and Halal food (Source: Google)
    D’Lions Restaurant is where many Singaporean & Malaysian visitors have trusted for the past few years regarding the best menu for Muslim guests. Other than that, D’Lions chefs offer a wide range of special treats which include crab, fish curry, seafood, noodles that go alongside a set of more than 100 flavors and dishes.
    • Address: 1st & 8th floors, Cosiana Hotel, 92 Lê Duẫn Street, Hanoi.
    D’LIONS RESTAURANT (Source: Google)

    On our second big recommendation, Hanoi brought you its Dalcheeni, a name of spice known for cinnamon. Dalcheeni delivers an authentic royal-inclined Indian gastronomy in a cozy dining home quipped with totally 92 seats.

    Delicate (Source: Google)
    Dalcheeni is where you would find a good stockpile of Indian kababs and curries. Dalcheeni offers a wide set of dishes cooked in clay oven atop charcoal flames. More than just a dining home, Dalcheeni is bringing an exceptional technique inherited by the Mauryan Dynasty back in the 300BC closer to its guests.
    • Address: 100 Xuân Diệu Street, Tây Hồ District, Hanoi.
    High-end interior (Source: Google)

    Ultimately, our Vietnam food guide walks you to NAN n KABAB, an authentic local restaurant that has chosen to follow more of the Pakistani, Middle Eastern and Afghani cooking method.

    Menu (Source: Google)
    These include charcoal grilled barbecue, meat Karahi, freshly baked Nan, hot and cold appetizers, hot and cold beverages as well as a broad range of Ala Carte cuisine.
    • Address: 49 Xuân Diệu Street, Tây Hồ District, Hanoi.
    Islamic-oriented food treat (Source: Google)
    Central Vietnam – Danang & Nha Trang

    Moving further down to the Central land of the country, Top Vietnam Travel today picks one for Danang and the other for Nha Trang, the two best coastal cities across the nation.


    First off, Veda’s Kitchen, an Indian dining gem of Danang, offers you an extensive fine-dining Indian menu. In order to meet a diversified need of customers, Veda brings out authentic Halal dishes which include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options at an extremely reasonable price range. Hence, coming to Veda’s Kitchen, you do not have to worry about tossing a huge amount of money just to have a chance to consume the finest Halal food.
    • Address: 1, An Thượng 4 Road, Ngũ Hành Sơn District, Danang.

    Owning various branches in three big cities around Central Vietnam for the past 20 years, Namaste Omar’s restaurant is an Indian cuisine bistro showcasing its finest “Grandmother recipe” going without the best value for money.
    • Address: 96A/8 Trần Phú Street, Nha Trang.
    Indian food (Source: Google)
    Southern Vietnam – Saigon


    Saigon can be seen as where most of the Hall food restaurants in entire Vietnam gather up. Leading the Southern chart is D’Nyonya Restaurant, one of the best Halal restaurants you may like to have a look.

    Tofu-Telor (Source: Google)
    At D’Nyonya, you are about to explore a typical Penang, Malaccan and Singaporean gastronomy pride in such a warm dining interior. If searching for the most worthwhile Halal dining home to fill your empty stomach after a hard-traveling day, do not hesitate to spend dinner treat hours with a big collection of dishes greatly laced with sweetness, sourness, and tangy flavors.
    • Address: 56, Đông Du Street, Bến Nghé Ward, District 1, Saigon.
    Do you know that such young and dynamic Saigon is home to a diversity of various “ethnicity towns” all around the city, which consists of a Japanese town, Korean town, Western town and now, Malaysian town is in the list? This is where you can get your shopping tour and dining treat all in one. Located right next to the iconic Bến Thành Market, Nguyễn An Ninh Street is where you may spot out a wide range of Malaysian fashion stores and bistros lining up all along the passageway. If you are a Malay or Indonesian, then the brand “Saigon Halal Street” must be something you are so accustomed to.

    Nguyễn An Ninh Street at night (Source: Google)
    Up and down the road of Nguyễn An Ninh, nearly 100 shops are well lit up when night falls. Right here, you can almost find anything you cited in your list, such as Hijab traditional outfits, Kurung Baju, food, drinks, souvenirs and way a lot more. Some come over the site as a whole seller and this is their utmost source of goods. Both VND and Malaysian Ringgit are well accepted.

    If this is what you have been looking for, our Vietnam food guide above can be seen as your miniature TripAdvisor. Save it now and open for later use!

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