Types of essays and their major components

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    It is no mystery that essays hold great importance among students who belongs to the academics. From the very beginning of middle school, students are assigned multiple essays for almost every course. Essays are also important for success after school, as many competitive exams such as SAT or IELTS are based on writing skills. Essays are also important for getting admission in colleges and universities even at doctoral level. There are many types of essays and, although the outlook of each essay may seem similar, there are key differences in each essay, knowing about which can increase your chances of acing every essay every time.

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    The main types of essays are

    1. Argumentative essay.
    2. Persuasive essay.
    3. Critical essay.
    4. Descriptive essay.
    5. Definition essay.
    6. Expository essay.
    Argumentative essay

    Argumentative essays are one of the most common and most written essays of all types. The structure of the argumentative essay is similar to all other essays; an introduction, body, and conclusion. However, the main difference in an argumentative essay is the you approach take to your topic. For an argumentative essay, the essay writer has to make an argument regarding the topic. Mostly, argumentative essays are on debatable topics, such as “was using nuclear weapons right or wrong”, this topic has both a positive and negative side. The writers have to research on the topic and find what they believe to be the right side of the topic, and prove in writing why the side they have chosen is correct. In the end, the writer must explain one or two major arguments from the opposing side and explain why they are wrong.

    Argumentative essays tend towards being general, as most of the times, the topics of the argumentative essay have two sides. Since argumentative essays are mostly based on trending topics or topics from history, the information on each side is factual. This is the main reason that getting your argumentative essay written from an essay writing service is a good idea, because the professional, and experienced writer will maintain a great flow while keeping the essay personalized to you.

    Major components of an argumentative essay are:

    1. Writer's claim
    2. The reason for the claim
    3. Evidence supporting claim
    4. Counterclaim
    5. Rebuttal
    Persuasive essay

    Writing a persuasive essay could be very intimidating if you do not know what you are doing. A persuasive essay is a type of essay in which the writer convinces the reader about their stance on a particular topic. One of the most important prerequisites for writing a persuasive essay is belief. A persuasive essay, unlike most other essays, cannot only be written by doing enough research, it requires the writer to firmly believe in the stance they are taking to convince and motivate the readers.

    Major Components

    1. Issue
    2. Side
    3. Argument
    Descriptive essay

    Descriptive essays, as the name suggests, are academic pieces of writing that describe either a person, an event, a place, an experience, an emotion, an idea, or an action. These types of essays are meant to provide a detailed description to their readers so that the readers can create a feeling of experience without ever experiencing the object in discussion. This level of writing poses some great challenges and requires the complete and undistributed attention of the essay writer. There are two types of descriptive essays, first-person description essays, and third-person description essays. First-person description essays are the ones that are written by people who were physically at the event. The third-person description essays, on the contrary, are written by people who did not present themselves,

    Major Components

    1. Event
    2. description
    3. Experience
    Critical essay

    A critical essay represents the analysis of the essay writer on an idea presented in a text. Very similar, in concept, to literary analysis essays, this type of academic writing covers a larger genre of texts and analysis. Writing down your analysis on any text can be tricky and overwhelming especially for people who are new at this. Critical essays are especially difficult since they require great knowledge of the field along with analytical skills, focus and attention. Therefore, using " write my essay " services for critical essays is easy because of the lack of personal writing skill required in the essay.

    Major Components

    1. Your side
    2. Rationale
    3. Counter side
    Definition essay

    Definition essays are academic write-ups that provide their readers with the definition of terms, words, or ideas. Definition essays are important, as they provide the backbone to define the standards of ideas, terms, or words. Everything from a concept (like teleportation) to the basic unit of measurement (like pound) has documentation, and this documentation contains some sort of definition essay that standardizes the meaning or use or both. Some sections like introduction, body, conclusion are common to every essay, but definition essays include a few more sections that help improve the discussion of the topic. The structure of an essay is important, as it creates a flow, andmakes writing an essay easier.

    Major components

    1. Definition
    2. Components
    3. Link or flow
    Expository essay

    An expository essay is a type of essay which discovers different ideas for the readers by illustration, clarification, or explication. For clarification of the idea, the writer can use investigation, evaluation, or even argumentation. The expository essay aims at explaining a topic logically and straightforwardly. Based on facts, this essay provides a balanced analysis of a subject or issue. It does not include the opinions and emotions of the writer.

    Major Components

    1. Explanation
    2. Investigation
    3. Evaluation
    4. Arguments
    If you think writing is not your cup of tea then you can hire an assignment help service in this regard.

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