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    Ha Giang Creekside Homestay and Hostel is an ideal spot for tourists that like discovering the beauty of Ha Giang. Conveniently situated in the center of Ha Giang city. The hostel and homestay are managed by the family of ours who all were born and have been in Ha Giang for a lot of years. The blend of European and asian design and vintage interior make its space far more classical.

    The homestay and hostel isn't just a temporary accommodation for you in Ha Giang, but it also gives you the feeling like returning home. Our English-speaking staff will be delighted to allow you to learn and get to know much more about the conventional daily customs of local people during the stay of yours. We're far more than willing to describe to you everything, discuss your trip programs and also demonstrate the secret places you've never thought about.

    Creekside is among the majority accommodating Ha Giang Homestay and we highly recommend this.

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