Crickex Deposit Methods in India

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    Crickex Deposit Methods in India

    Crickex Deposit Methods in India
    Crickex is a great way to make smooth and secure transactions for your winnings and bets. The Crickex website offers a great variety of payment methods for funds’ deposit and withdrawal, including PayTM, UPI, Rupee-O, direct deposit to/from Indian bank accounts and more. Also, Crickex accepts cryptocurrency which is a great solution for crypto enthusiasts! crikex Video sex FullHD

    Learn how to top up a betting account on Crickex.
    Table of Content
    Deposit Methods in India
    Popular Deposit Methods
    How to Deposit Money?
    Sign Up
    Choose a Payment System
    Enter the Data Required
    Crickex Deposit Methods
    With Crickex you can deposit with Indian debit cards, cryptocurrencies, PayTM, UPI, PhonePe, Apple Pay, and other e-wallets, the most popular on the market. The details are given below:

    Payment System Maximum Deposit Minimum Deposit
    PayTM 60,000 INR 200 INR
    UPI 60,000 INR 200 INR
    Indian banks 60,000 INR 200 INR
    USDT TRC20 563,300 INR 1,300 INR
    USDT ERC20 563,300 INR 1,300 INR
    The deposit methods and limits listed above are valid for our website and the Crickex app for Android and iOS.

    The Popular Crickex Deposit Methods
    Speaking about the most popular payment methods for Indian citizens, we should outline e-wallets since they provide access to the lowest commission fees, compared to the cryptocurrencies’ payments due to their insatiable exchange rate. Moreover, it is better to choose a payment method that will be 100% free of third parties. Involved in the transaction proceeding. This may refer to some Indian banks, which operate e-wallets via intermediary banks.

    A good example will be PayTM and UPI payment systems, since they offer fast and smooth transactions proceeding with transparent fee policy, invoicing, solving chargeback cases, etc.

    To top up the betting account, you can use a bank card, PayTM wallet, or cryptocurrency.
    How to Deposit Money to Crickex Account?
    To start depositing money at Crickex bookmaker, you need to pass the registration process, verify your identity, and choose the payment system that suits you most. Follow the steps below to make it quick and enjoy your game.

    Sign Up
    You must log in to your account or register a new account in order to start depositing. Follow these instructions:

    Go to our website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ blue button at the top right corner of the page.
    Create a username (min 4-15 characters, numbers included) and a password. Re-confirm the password (min 6-20 characters, numbers included, at least 1 Upper Letter, 1 lowercase letter + special characters allowed).
    Choose the currency and click ‘Next’.
    Enter the Full name, phone number and valid email.
    Fill in the 4-digit verification code pictured nearby in the black box and click ‘Register’.
    Register or log into your account before depositing.
    Choose a Payment System
    To choose the payment system from the list, given in the table above, you need to go to the ‘Payment Options’ section at the top of the main page and review the specs for each.

    We highly recommend you to use the e-wallets and online payment system since Crickex is not responsible for paying taxes while making.

    Choose a method among available ones.
    Enter the Data Required
    The last step is to fill in the data required in the deposit form. Here, you need to choose the deposit amount. Before you make a deposit, please, review the requirements for each promotion you are about to use in that particular form since the deposit requirements will vary.

    The last step for you will be to choose the section you want to bet on.

    Fill in the fields and complete the deposit operation.

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