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    Chuyên phục vụ, cho thuê âm thanh Hải Phòng , dẫn chương trình... các lễ hội, tổ chức sự kiện, sinh nhật, đám cưới...giá bình dân. (chỉ từ 1-3tr)

    Chi tiết vui lòng liên hệ Mr Long: 0945419779
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    halong bay best tours
    party cruise halong bay Sundeck
    Located on the top floor is the 500 m (1640 ft) sundeck, excellent for sunbathing, panoramic views and - if the weather permits – barbeques. Grab a drink in the bar, lay back and enjoy a magnificent sunset.

    Take advantage of the cooler air in the mornings to practice Tai Chi. Different workshops will be organised by our instructors on deck.

    Halong Emotion cruise offer you the various services on board :

    Massage – spa beauty service
    Traditional music: enjoying the Vietnamese culture by folk music
    Kayaking: exploring the bays islands by yourself
    Diving: Exploring the beauty under the water surface
    Swimming: one of the most joyous moment when you are in Halong
    Cooking classes: a chance to learn more about Vietnamese cooking style
    Taichi classes: A great way to greet a new day ( if weather permitted)
    Kite – flying
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