The FONDOS Launches

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    The Fondos Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of FONDOS ecosystem designed for the Web3 community. Built on principles of security, transparency, and decentralization, FONDOS provides tools and services for communities and developers to connect, collaborate, and build valuable real-world solutions.

    At the core of FONDOS is the FOS Chain, an EVM-compatible layer 1 blockchain focused on flexible and efficient deployment of decentralized applications. Alongside it is the FOS Wallet for multi-asset management and FOS Friends, a next-generation social platform for community engagement powered by SocialFi trends.

    FONDOS also offers the FOS NFT HODL collection, containing 12 unique zodiacs themed NFTs with incentives and rewards for long-term holders. By owning FOS HODL NFTs, users can access exclusive features like minting token, priority DApp access, governance voting rights, and more.
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