That is/has been the best Major League Baseball player ever?

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    Who is/has been the best Big league Baseball player ever before?
    I simply changed my mind about this the other day, when I determined the value in success for situational ("clutch") striking throughout a career.
    Infant Ruth loses 7 success (and potentially extra) off his Wins Above Substitute when you make this change. [1] He hit a bunch of homers that were useless since the Yankees had actually currently clinched the video game ... and he was facing not a modern-day reliever, but an individual who wasn't great.

    Ted Williams loses 3 victories.

    However someone else in this discussion gets 10 success.
    This lowers the space between Ruth and the other two in my Hall Value statistics. And also it got much more difficult to install sky-high WAR numbers around 1940, and after that once again at growth. Just just how much harder? That's going to take even more research. [2] Yet I highly think that ...

    The greatest baseball player of all time is Willie Mays.
    [1] I originally had it as 16, yet that's due to the fact that b-Ref does not note their Success Likelihood Added numbers as partial! The 7 wins remains in the video games they have play-by-play for, utilizing FanGraph's technique, which is a bit unreliable yet definitely better than nothing.

    [2] It's not such as the spread of HW scores is enhanced across the board, to make sure that even more gamers receive a hall-worthy rating (everyone over 64 that played prior to growth is in the Hall, as well as only Sherry Magee, Charlie Keller, and also Jimmy Sheckard are missing from the 18 men from 56 to 64). It's simply that the leaders are all means over 100 as opposed to remaining in the 89-- 90 array.
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