Spouse sentenced to 65 years in Fitbit murder situation

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    Spouse sentenced to 65 years in Fitbit murder case
    A Connecticut man has actually been sentenced to 65 years in prison for the murder of his wife in 2015 as well as after district attorneys say he offered declarations to police that contravened information on her Fitbit
    ROCKVILLE, Conn.-- A Connecticut man was punished Thursday to 65 years in prison for the 2015 murder of his partner, who district attorneys say was wearing a Fitbit exercise activity tracker with data that opposed his statements to authorities.
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    Richard Dabate, 46, of Ellington, was founded guilty by a court in May of murder and other charges. He preserves his innocence as well as intends to appeal the judgments, his lawyer, Trent LaLima, said after the hearing at Rockville Superior Court.

    The fatal capturing of Connie Dabate, 39, at the couple's residence two days before Xmas in 2015 while their 2 young children were in institution drew national attention, with the unusual Fitbit proof as well as details of Richard Dabate's affair with a lady who was pregnant at the time of the killing and also later brought to life their kid.

    The sentencing hearing included psychological testament by Connie Dabate's loved ones.

    "It allows us to obtain a little bit of closure, although it will not bring Connie back. As a household, we can move forward," Connie Dabate's bro, Keith Margotta, said outside the court house after the sentencing.

    Dabate told police a concealed guy broke into their home, eliminated his wife as well as connected him up. Authorities located him with superficial knife wounds, with one arm and also one leg zip-tied to a collapsible chair.

    State police stated Dabate gave them a timeline of occasions that conflicted with data on his other half's Fitbit, which showed she was walking around for regarding a hr after the moment Dabate said she was shot. There were also no indications of a battle in your house, state police stated.

    In his closing arguments, district attorney Matthew Gedansky said Dabate hatched a strategy to eliminate his partner as well as stage a home intrusion as his life was about to unravel due to the affair with the other woman as well as her maternity.

    LaLima has wondered about the integrity of Fitbit data. He likewise said Dabate's variation of the occasions was reinforced by unknown DNA located in the residence as well as a witness who said she might have seen an unidentified person or deer in your area on the day of the murder.

    More than 100 individuals indicated throughout the five-week test.

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