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    PITTSBURGH (AP) — Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster just wants to move on from last December’s physical primetime meeting with the Cincinnati Bengals.But the second-year wideout thrust himself into one of the fiercest rivalries in the NFL last season with a memorable block against Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict. Smith-Schuster was reminded of the hit prior to Sunday’s game at Cincinnati.“I didn’t want to talk about it Renell Wren Jersey Mens ,” Smith-Schuster said. “I knew you guys were going to want to talk about this and make something out of it, but I am just trying to get a “W” this weekend, that’s it.”Last December, Smith-Schuster delivered a punishing blindside block on Burfict, the Steeler agitator, who ended running back Le’Veon Bell’s season in 2015, and injured quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and receiver Antonio Brown in the same playoff game at Cincinnati later that year.Smith-Schuster got a 15-yard penalty for the block and another penalty for taunting when he stood over Burfict after the hit. He also was given a one-game suspension.Burfict served a four-game suspension to open the current season. He returned to the lineup last week without incident and helped the first-place Bengals beat Miami.Smith-Schuster said he’s not concerned about Burfict or the Bengals seeking revenge on Sunday.“I’m just worried about the game, playing focused and playing with my teammates,” Smith-Schuster said. “It’s the AFC North and the rivalry is very strong. It’s physical and it’s going to be a tough game.”Last December’s game featured a combined 20 penalties for 239 yards, including a team-record 173 yards by the Bengals. It was also the game where Steelers LB Ryan Shazier sustained a life-altering spinal injury following a tackle.“There were a lot of emotions on both sides of the ball, obviously with Shazier and what I did Youth Renell Wren Jersey ,” Smith-Schuster said. “But it’s just a physical game. That’s what you’re going to get out of it.”Brown sustained a concussion and was knocked from the game by safety George Iloka – no longer with the Bengals — following a touchdown reception. The score helped Pittsburgh overcome a 17-point deficit and win its sixth straight in the series on a last-second field goal.“They’re always trying to get the best of us, either physically, after the play or during plays,” Brown said. “That’s why they call it the jungle because you have to go in there and be ready to win.”Brown met with the media for the first time Friday since two lawsuits were filed against him stemming from an incident at a Florida apartment complex last spring.Ophir Sternberg is seeking damages against Brown, claiming objects thrown by Brown from the 14th floor of an apartment building in April came close to striking Sternberg’s father and 22-month-old son. A second lawsuit filed by the owner of the apartment building is seeking more than $15,000 in damages from Brown.“I can’t discuss pending litigation,” Brown said. “I just look forward to my day in court.”Brown told police that the incidents occurred after a gun and $80,000 were stolen from his apartment. Brown said in a statement a day earlier that the lawsuits contained “false claims” against him.“It comes from being successful, it comes from being in the spotlight, it comes from having fame,” Brown said on Friday. “If I was a nobody White Renell Wren Jersey , (the media) wouldn’t be here speculating to begin with.”Brown said he’s focused on the Bengals this week.“I’m a professional and I know what I’m here for,” Brown said. “I’m trying to win football games. It’s Cincinnati week … it’s a big week for us. Being in this position comes with a lot of distractions and you have to be able to narrow your focus and that’s what I’m able to do.”NOTES: Steelers’ S Morgan Burnett (groin) will miss his fourth straight game, while WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (ankle) will miss his second straight. LB L.J. Fort (ankle) is doubtful. LB Vince Williams fully practiced this week after missing against Atlanta with a hamstring injury. This is one of those postings that may only interest me — AKA, I’m thinking about something and I answer it via a Chop Block post. There’s very little insight, story structure, or analysis here; just answering random musings from the couch during a stormy Cincinnati afternoon. There might not even be a conclusion; I’ll just stop when I’m finished.According to reports from league insiders, the Cincinnati Bengals clearly favor Los Angeles Rams quarterback Zac Taylor as their next head coach. Those same reports suggest Cincinnati will offer Taylor a deal once the Rams postseason concludes, and that Taylor will accept due to his “strong feelings about the city.”So, it’s a done deal, but it’s technically not a deal at all. This would violate a league rule.And the Bengals are worried.As our own John Sheeran wrote earlier this week, citing Pro Football Talk Nick Vigil Jersey White , Cincinnati is worried that the league will open an investigation into this violation. PFT writes: It should be noted that no one else has substantiated or confirmed Pro Football Talk’s report. In addition, there are no reports (at this point) that the league is looking into any violation by the Bengals. The “league source” referenced in the report is a bit questionable. It should be noted “league source” is an extraordinarily bland phrase and could reference anyone involved with the league in any capacity (coaches, executives, league officials, water boy, disgruntled quarterbacks). Front office leaks in Cincinnati are rare (and when they happen, we’re fairly certain it’s on purpose to control the narrative). People working under the family are typically loyal and the circle of folks taking part in the head coaching search would be small to begin with. Say what you will about their football acumen, but ownership has genuine human beings who care about their people and community (just struggle on the whole football front sometimes). That earns loyalty.If the league source is someone from the coaching staff, you have to question credibility. Most of the coaching staff is departing and those remaining seem like an unlikely source to instigate a report drawing attention to a possible rules violation. However, coaches leaking information isn’t unheard of, especially over the years in Cincinnati. It’s possible.That leaves one possibility. Carson Palmer. Just kidding.It’s doubtful anything comes from this report Womens Anthony Munoz Jersey , even if the Bengals called candidates to inform them that they’ve decided on their guy. The NFL ignores many of their own rules, from tampering to the Rooney Rule (see, Raiders, Oakland). We’re not sure what purpose the NFL would have in making an example out of the Bengals. In addition, the league has been flirting with the idea of abandoning this rule entirely. From 2017: The NFL considered it again in 2018: The most popular candidates are typically coordinators on teams that go deep into the playoffs. Why would the league enforce a rule punishing a team — who fired a head coach because they’re not good to begin with — trying to ink an active candidate currently in the playoffs? Granted... a coordinator on a playoff team doesn’t necessarily translate to head coaching success (look at the coaches fired over the last few years and recall how popular they were prior to being hired). But it shouldn’t be a roadblock either.Since the league has turned a blind eye to the rule, with various discussions to abandon it, we’re not seeing the league taking a role in punishing Cincinnati.

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