Phần Mềm Windows 10 Pro 10240.16393.150717-1719.th1_st1 by lopatkin PIP LITE (x64) [EN]

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    Year : 2015
    Version : Windows 10 Pro 10240.16393
    Platform : x64
    System requirements :
    CPU - 1 ggz
    RAM - 2 gb
    HDD - 8 gb
    Video - c DirectX 9.0
    Display - 1024 x 768
    Language : English
    Medicine : required
    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 10240.16393.150717-1719.th1_st1 EN PIP LITE
    *********************************** ************************************************* [ / i]
    Lite build the most lightweight PIP en_10_pro_10240.16393_h64 based on the latest updates to 29.07 ...
    There Edge, speech house. group, parental control, the cache winsxs ... Framework 3.5, and support for older games can turn on their own ...

    Drivers for modems (except basic and Nokia), printers (except for HP, GE, OLED, MS), tablets, ISS, TFTP, IME, InputMethod, a simple protocol, other languages and Asian fonts (Chinese sites are displayed properly), screensavers, ringtones , browser and player - Database, restore, Defender, Group Policy, all applications metro cloud Sortana, indexing, virtualization, Hyper-V, Nativ, migration ...
    Leaving Edge, speech-screen keyboard, e-mail, network printing, PowerShell, home. group (disabled), parental controls, terminals, telnet, connect through a remote table, the cache winsxs ... Added to the program folder ClassicShell (searchable) on the table Restart.cmd, run from the administrator, it will be removed from the cloud startup, disabled hibernation and reset, it is possible to work ... There viewing photos and pictures, Framework 3.5 and support for older games can turn through a window components Update ...

    CRC32: F881606F
    MD5: BDA47E4EA0423FA77E3159D025AE5FBF
    SHA-1: 4C33C690709BE01C939A9B295503C1AA6D452212


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