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    Ngày nay, giấy gói bánh mì đã không còn quá xa lạ, trong các cửa hàng bánh mì, hay các cửa tiệm hamburger, sự xuất hiện của giấy gói đã trở nên vô cùng cần thiết bởi tính tiện dụng mà nó mang lại. Không chỉ cung cấp cho khách hàng các sản phẩm giấy gói thông thường, hiện nay, công tin In Việt Kim chúng tôi còn cho ra đời loại giấy gói thấm dầu, giấy MG, giấy tráng sáp, giấy tráng PE mỏng vô cùng hợp vệ sinh và an toàn cho sức khỏe người tiêu dùng.



    [​IMG] - HOTLINE: 0167 555 9998


    [​IMG] + HOTLINE: 0167 555 9998

    Tất cả các sản phẩm trên do công ty sản xuất trực tiếp. Chất liệu giấy được nhập khẩu từ nước ngoài- thiết kế - in ấn - Làm thành phẩm chuyên nghiệp theo từng giai đoạn. Quý khách hàng có thể in thương hiệu riêng để quảng bá sản phẩm.

    Sản phẩm đã qua kiểm định ANVSTP




    ĐC: 224/1 HÀ HUY GIÁP - Q12
    TEL: 08.37162378
    HOTLINE 0167555 9998

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    Tours to Sapa
    Going to Vietnam? Get on the night train from Hanoi and come to Sapa to join us in the mountains! We’ll show you the best spots and guarantee you’ll get an unforgettable experience. XOXO/ Chi, Zao, Lang, Pen, Pang, Chin, Ker, Lan, Little Chi, Su, Khu, Chai, Mao, Mu, Cho, Giao and Tung. If you want to book a trek you can contact us by filling out the form on our contact page, come directly to our office or book a trek online. SAPA SISTERS, A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE OWNED BY LOCAL GUIDES
    We are Sapa Sisters, an ethnic minority Hmong trekking group based in the beautiful northern mountainous highlands of Sapa, Vietnam. We are very proud to be one of the few Hmong businesses that exist in this region – and one that is entirely owned and run by women. We think that this is a significant achievement because Hmong highlanders face much higher levels of poverty and many barriers to accessing capital and business connections. Tourism to our area is providing us with vital new opportunities to earn sustainable incomes, helping our families and our communities to prosper. SAPA TOURS - SAPA ADVENTURES – SAPA TREKKING TOURS
    Sapa Trekking Tour offers a wide selection adventure tours in Sapa Vietnam including hiking and trekking, biking, motorcycling overland touring and family travel packages. Our adventure package tours and custom itineraries will take you through exotic destinations to really experience the culture, history and nature of Sapa Vietnam. We organized trekking tours through the hills and valleys of the Sapa region, discovering several different minorities along the way. You will experience overnight accommodation in the hospitable villages of ethnic minorities. The apparent hardships are worth it though as we walk through some of the most spectacular scenery that Vietnam has to offer and experience unique villages culture.You can book your trek by email or at our office in Sapa. We have our office in Graceful Hotels lobby, 9 Fansipan Street, Sapa. You can also book and pay for your trek on our Book Online page. Sapa Trekking Tour
    You can find many answer to the most frequently asked questions on our F.A.Q page.1-day, 2-days, 3-days or More-days, Market Tours, Homestays or Stay over night at your guide’s home. Other activities: cook with your guide, Swimming, Harvest Rice. What do you want to do?
    We arrange tickets for the sleeper train, Hanoi-Lao Cai-Hanoi. We sell tickets for several different train companies, all in tourist standard, AC, soft sleeper, 2 berths or 4 berths cabin. Just fill out our booking form here on our train page.Skip the extra hassle to change bus or train in Hanoi. We can arrange sleeper bus all the way Lao Cai-Ha Long Bay or Ha Long Bay- Lao Cai. Including transfer in minivan to/from Lao Cai- Sapa.Wanna get to Sapa as soon as possible? With the new highway you can get to Sapa in 5 hours. We can arrange 16 or 7 seats van with AC and driver. You can be picked up either at the airport or from your hotel in Hanoi.
    Sapa stunning trek and great combination of home stay & eco-lodge
    You will experience overnight accommodation in the hospitable villages of Dzay and Tay ethnic minorities. Round off the trek with a nice stay in Topas Eco Lodge. ...Sapa Trekking & Home-stay tour
    This trip includes a trek through the hills and valleys of the Sapa region, discovering several different minorities along the way. You will experience overnight accommodation in the hospitable villages of Giay and Tay ethnic Sapa weekend market tour: Can Cau and Bac Ha market
    Can Cau is a small market situated in a valley surrounded by mountains and only 7 km from China. The market epitomizes the cultural values of the minorities in remote mountainous
    Sapa Trekking Tour

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