How to Insert Symbol with a Keyboard Shortcut in MS Word 2016

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    MS Word is usually used as sua may tinh quan binh thanh word processor and gives users the flexibility to perform many documentation related tasks. Composing, editing, or rewriting a document involves a lot of technical terms and symbols. sửa máy tính hcm his is not an easy task to add symbols in MS Words. Symbols are not accessible on a single touch. e most convenient way to add a symbol is with the help of a keyboard shortcut.

    As an Example, cai win quan binh thanh e are using a mathematical inequality equation. Is not equal to has a mathematical symbol.

    To add a symbol, click on the Insert button at the top left of the window.

    Navigate to the Symbols options on the extreme right-hand side. Click on Symbol to add any symbol.

    In Symbol options, click on More Symbols.

    A Symbol window will pop-up on your desktop. Search for your desired symbol. In this article, we are selecting the mathematical symbol of inequality. The predefined shortcut key is also visible at the bottom of the Symbol window.

    To add the keyboard shortcut key, click on the desired symbol and then select Shortcut Key option at the bottom left of Symbol window.

    sửa laptop tan noi hcm

    Customize Keyboard window will open on your desktop. Navigate to Press new shortcut key.

    In this article, I will explain how we can insert symbols in a document using keyboard shortcuts. Follow the following steps to insert symbols in a document.

    Insert Symbol with a Keyboard Shortcut in MS Word 2016

    Navigate to the Search icon in the taskbar click on MS

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